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Aquacultured WWC Hi-C Cyphastrea frag is WYSIWYG

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Aquacultured WWC Hi-C Cyphastrea frag is WYSIWYG

Cyphastrea are sometimes referred to as a Meteor Coral however most reef aquarists today simply refer to them by their scientific name.  The most common color variant of Cyphastrea is a blue base with red polyps called a Meteor Shower Cyphastrea.  It turns out though that there are many rare color variants of this beautiful coral that are every bit as spectacular.

Cyphastrea are very hearty and will thrive even if your water parameters aren’t perfect.  Dose properly with calcium, alkalinity and magnesium to maximize growth, and believe me, they will grow fast!  Keep your salinity, nitrate and Ph within the normal safe zones to keep this gorgeous coral healthy.

Cyphastrea love lower light conditions whether you run LED’s or T5’s. All of our Cyphastrea have done well, you will have to make adjustments based on your own tank and lighting.  Start your Cyphastrea very low in the tank and move it up over time.


Cyphastrea relies heavily on the products of their zooxanthellae. This coral benefits from the addition of phytoplankton as a food source. While the coral itself may consume some phytoplankton, the real benefit is the increased population of rotifers that feed on the phytoplankton. Rotifers make a good meal to a vast array of corals.


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