Rainbow Favia


The Rainbow Favia is a WYSIWYG piece

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Rainbow Favia

The Rainbow Favia is a beautiful favia variety that has shown to be very hardy and easy to care for. This Rainbow Favia has a beautiful violet base color with metallic teal eyes and hot pink accents. This is a WYSIWYG piece, and is the exact coral you will get


In nature, favia corals grow in round or dome shaped colonies. Favias are found in almost every color in the rainbow and unique coloration patterns are the most prized in the trade. Favias are found in different depth ranges of the reef. As such, there is flexibility for placement in the reef aquarium. Favia coral are considered to be one of the hardier LPS species kept in captivity.

Lighting and Placement

Favia coral thrive under moderate lighting. However, favia can be acclimated to more intense lighting over time. Favia will appreciate a moderate current. Direct and intense flow can cause tissue damage.¬†Although additional feedings are not typically necessary, favia will appreciate direct feedings of smaller particle foods. Some favia possess longer than average sweeper tentacles. For example, CB Apple Jack Favia has been observed sending out 1.5″ long sweeper tentacles.

Other Requirements

Favia corals have a dense coral skeleton and can utilize a good amount of calcium. Maintenance of calcium and KH are necessary for good health of this LPS coral (Ca: 400-420ppm; KH: ~8).