Chaos Ridiculous Rainbow Echinata Frag

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WYSIWYG Rainbow Echinata Frag!

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Chaos Ridiculous Rainbow Echinata Frag

WYSIWYG Aquacultured Ridiculous Rainbow Echinata Frag!

Acanthastrea echinata corals can range in any incredible combination of red, green, blue, orange purple and pink colors. Echinata colonies can add a beautiful structure to the reef aquarium due to its colonial growth habit.

In the wild, Acanthastrea echinata are found mostly in shallow, turbid water habitats to about 20m depth. They are often in protected areas like lagoons, forming colonies up to several meters across.

Acan corals are incredibly hardy and fast growing in the reef aquarium. They can tolerate a wide variety of conditions including both low and moderate lighting and moderate water currents. The Acan coral can handle a wide range of aquarium conditions, however it does best in an established reef aquarium with stable conditions.

The Acan Corals are voracious nocturnal predators and competitively extrude mesenterial filaments and digest organisms within reach. Due to their temperament, great care must be taken in determining the placement and distance between Lordhowensis colonies and other species of stony corals. Target feed minced mysis shrimp, enriched brine shrimp and smaller pieces of other meaty marine foods for best growth. The use of a quality protein skimmer helps maintain water quality and combat the effects of heavy feeding.


Target feeding minced meaty foods and zooplankton for best growth and frag recovery time. The polyps of Micromussa lordhowensis are large and fleshy. At night acan polyps will extend long filaments which secrete enzymes searching for zooplankton and small invertebrates. Acan corals generally have large corallites with small teeth or lobes on their septa and have a well-developed columellae. Heavy feeding can have on effect on the aquarium water quality, so a quality protein skimmer.

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