Baby Interstellar Bounce Mushroom

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This is a WYSIWYG Baby Interstellar Bounce Mushroom Coral.

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Baby Interstellar Bounce Mushroom

This is a WYSIWYG  Baby Interstellar Bounce Mushroom Coral. Mushrooms have been a staple in the marine aquarium hobby for over twenty-five years. They often make their way into aquariums as an initial purchase! Mushroom corals are captivating to the eye as well as extremely easy to maintain.

From the Caribbean to Fiji there are several different families to choose from, each offering a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Being one of the very first live specimens to ever be housed in a synthetic system, Corallimorphs are perfect for saltwater beginners for good reason:: 

• Can tolerate a wide range of water parameters
• Do not require special attention
• Not aggressive towards other tank inhabitants
• Ability propagate easily 

*Tip: Corallimorphs are a great choice for fish-only systems, as the vast majority of reef fish do not find mushrooms appetizing. Most mushrooms can also tolerate higher levels of nitrate, phosphate and ammonia!


Caring for mushrooms is, by and large, very simple. While most mushrooms can tolerate the presence of a varied collection of inhabitants and less than optimal parameters, certain conditions enable them to thrive rather than simply survive. Mushrooms seem to do better in tanks with higher than normal levels of nutrients and lower levels of lighting and flow.  Some People say they are a “sit and forget” type of coral that live out their lives best when left undisturbed. Interestingly enough, a lack of attention to these organisms will actually promote a natural “budding” of the mushroom through an asexual reproductive process called Pedal Laceration. These particular coral will slowly move along the substrate and leave behind cloned copies of itself.

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