Assorted Aquacultured Ricordia Mushroom Coral


Build a beautiful ricordia garden in your reef tank! Ricordia are one of the easiest and hardiest corals to grow in captivity. These ricordia are sold as an assorted, single head frag.

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Build a beautiful ricordia garden!

The two most popular species in the hobby are Ricordia florida and Ricordia yumaR. florida inhabits in the tropical Western Atlantic and Caribbean waters while R. yuma is seen in the tropical Pacific. In nature, they are primarily found on the rock structure with areas of shallow and medium depth reefs. They are also found in deeper waters as smaller colonies or as solitary animals. Technically speaking, they are not true corals, but rather are more similar to the mushroom coral anemones.


Ricordea have a small, round body with short club or berry-shaped tentacles. The basal portion of the coral has a flat disk that functions as a foot while the other end is the oral disk which functions has a mouth in the center (sometimes more than one mouth if the ricordea is in the process of splitting.
Both species have their own distinct colors and patterns that range from orange and green to neon-green and shining blue.


Ricordea are considered to be photosynthetic corals, because of the symbiotic zooxanthellae that live within the body. This is thought to provide the coral anemone with the majority of its nutrition.