Acropora corals are the largest, most contributing coral for reef formations in the world. In fact, between the Acropora and Montipora corals, they make up one-third of all reef building coral species. Their light skeletons, high metabolism, and specialized 'axial' corallites result in fast growth, allowing them to quickly overcome their neighbors.


Stylophora coral, or Cats Paw Coral are a branching small polyp stony coral otherwise known as SPS from the Family Pocilloporidae. Stylophora are less commonly seen than other varieties SPS for sale. This coral makes a great addition to any high light, high flow reef system.


Montipora go by a couple different common names such as the Velvet Finger or Velvet Branch Coral. Montipora corals can grow in very unique growth patterns. They come in a variety of colors adding some very nice eye candy to your reef tank. The more common colors are green, red (sometimes called orange), purple, and blue.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results