BLASTOMUSSA (Pineapple Corals)

A solid and popular choice among people who are new to reefkeeping. In comparison to other species of coral, Blastos don't require as much light or flow. As a matter of fact, Blatos prefer lower light conditions. As a beginning reefkeeper, you likely haven't had the chance to buy much equipment. Fortunately, pineapple corals can be kept with moderate equipment. Finally, this coral species is relatively affordable because they are easily propagated.

Scolymia (Doughnut Corals)

Scolymia or Button Corals are the hottest LPS Corals in the reef aquarium hobby ever since this corals are started to be imported from australia. The Aussi Scoly are intensely colored and real showpieces. We provide the best color specimens from Bleeding Apple to Master and Unique Scolys from the best collectors on the East Coast australias. Scolys are on of our favorite corals and we make it at a point to provide WYSIWYG specimens for sales online.



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Showing 1–12 of 50 results