• very good everything was packaged great and shipped to me fast and healthy

    Zane Diamond Bulls Flagg Avatar
    Zane Diamond Bulls Flagg

    Quality frags, great colors. Nice and clean.

    James B. Wood Avatar
    James B. Wood

    high quality frags and awesome customer service, I definitely reccomend purchasing corals from Brad and chaos. Corals came in super... read more

    Trey Canady Avatar
    Trey Canady

    Great packaging, fantastic products - very clean and beautiful

    Becky Gentile Avatar
    Becky Gentile
  • I would like to say thank you to Brad he’s a standup guy I don’t think you can go wrong... read more

    John Carr Avatar
    John Carr

    Killer company! Had an awesome experience ordering from chaos. A very kind and considerate owner! 10 star on the corals,... read more

    Chuckie Freeman Avatar
    Chuckie Freeman

    Great selection of coral and quick responses for questions. Very pleased with my shipment!

    Eric William Bordelon Avatar
    Eric William Bordelon

    First time ive ordered from them. Very happy with everything package came early box was professionally packed highly recommend and... read more

    Johnathan Cowdell Avatar
    Johnathan Cowdell
  • They fixed me up with a really nice zoa pack. Very knowledgeable, answered all my questions. Very responsive to... read more

    Jerry Cooper Avatar
    Jerry Cooper

    Got an OG bounce from Brad, couldn’t be happier!

    Angela Waid-Wojcik Avatar
    Angela Waid-Wojcik

    Great selection and top notch customer service!

    James McGilvray Avatar
    James McGilvray

    Repeat customer because ever time I buy they overdeliver on quality and quantity. Zoa's are awesome and very healthy.

    Nick Palomba Avatar
    Nick Palomba
  • Very responsive to messages and helpful! Great customer service and has excellent collection of corals! Very satisfied

    Tq Vo Avatar
    Tq Vo

    I just got a nice pack of Corals today from Chaos. Well packed and happy Corals. Thanks

    Chris Palmer Avatar
    Chris Palmer

    Best of the best and awesome customer service. Highly recommend for top notch corals.

    John Baker Avatar
    John Baker

    Huge selection. All my friends r buying coral here so I figured I should too. Great store. Don’t go anywhere else

    Maxx Justin Tyme Socher Avatar
    Maxx Justin Tyme Socher
  • These guys got the illest coral around...really knowledgeable dudes and don’t tax you to get your tank looking right...

    Dru Abbott Avatar
    Dru Abbott

    Thank you guys for guiding me in my new found journey! You guys were Very easy to work with very... read more

    Steve Buron Avatar
    Steve Buron
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